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Abram Bryn Gates Holiday List 2020-2021

Break up Friday 28th May 2021
Return Monday 7th June 2021
Break up Wednesday 21st July 2021
Return Monday 6th September 2021

Abram Bryn Gates Holiday List 2021-2022

Staff Training Day Friday 3rd September 2021
School opens Monday 6th September 2021
School closes for half term Friday 22nd October 2021
School opens Monday 1st November 2021
School closes for Christmas Friday 17th December 2021
Staff Training Day Tuesday 4th January 2022
School opens Wednesday 5th January 2022
School closes for half term Friday 18th February 2022
School opens Monday 28th February 2022
School closes for Easter Friday 1st April 2022
School opens Tuesday 19th April 2022
Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2022
School closes for half term Friday 27th May 2022
Bank Holiday Thursday 2nd June 2022
Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Friday 3rd June 2022
School opens Monday 6th June 2022
Staff Training Day Friday 24th June 2022
School closes for Summer Thursday 21st July 2022

The dates above are the official school holidays. Parents should be aware the taking of holidays during term times can be extremely disruptive to pupils’ education. This is particularly important for pupils preparing for SAT's.

The school will not agree to your child missing school for family holidays except in exceptional circumstances.

Wigan Council - Consequences of not attending school

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Essential forms for Parents

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